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Development (2003 ~ 2005)

First Preparation Meeting. On 22 March 2002, representatives of the four societies met in Hartford, US, to explore the feasibility of and steps necessary for this global gathering.  They later secured approval from their respective boards and members. They met again in Paris on 9 December 2002 (photo) to officially agree to name the societies as WRIEC Joint Organizers and to create the Organization Committee, charged with overseeing the joint conference. Members of the Organization Committee met in Denver (during the 2003 ARIA meeting), in Paris in December 2003, in Chicago (during the 2004 ARIA meeting), and in Washington, DC, in October 2004. The Organization Committee finalized the Call for Papers, formulated the Congress Program, and discussed how to make this event viewed valuable by every participant. They also agreed on offering limited travel aids to qualified participants. The Scientific Committee, created later, was responsible for creating concurrent sessions.
First World Congress in Salt Lake City, US, in 2005. ARIA hosted the First World Congress, which attracted 328 participants from over 30 countries. It was held on August 7-11. There were presentations of 127 academic papers. Invited speakers also shared their views in six plenary sessions. After the meeting, all societies agreed to have the World Congress every five years.


The First Organization Committee meeting in Paris (from left: Jim Carson, Harold Skipper, W. Jean Kwon, Achim Wambach, and Patrick Liedtke)

Development (2006 ~ 2010) 
Second World Congress in Singapore in 2010. The 2010 Organization Committee had its first official meeting (during the 2008 EGRIE meeting) in Toulouse, France, to discuss funding and logistics issues related to the then planned 2010 World Congress in Paris. After further examination of the issues, the Committee decided to move the Second World Congress to Singapore. APRIA agreed to host the conference.
The Institutes (US) offered secretariat service.
The Organization Committee invited the Scientific Committee chairs to its second meeting (during the 2009 ARIA meeting) in Providence, US. It has secured a number of corporate and institutional sponsorships. The Scientific Committee completed the proposal review process in March 2010.
The Second World Congress, held on 25-29 July 2010, had 345 prticipants from 35 countries. There were six plenary sessions (photo) and presentations of 204 research papers in seven concurrent sessions. Singapore College of Insurance offered secretariat service.



Plenary Session with Regulators at the Second World Congress

The Third Congress (2011 ~ 2015) 
Third World Congress in Europe in 2015. EGRIE hosted the Third World Congress.
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