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Annual Conferences by the Organizing Societies

2012 APRIA Annual Conference at SungGyunKwan University, Seoul, Koea in summer (Deadline: TBA)
2013 APRIA Annual Conference at St. John's University, New York, US, in summer (Deadline: TBA)
2012 ARIA Annual Meeting at Minneapolis, MN, on August 5-8 (Deadline: February 17, 2012)
2012 EGRIE Seminar at Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on 17-19 September (Deadline: 15 April 2012)
2015 World Congress (TBA)

Academic Journals by the Organizing Societies

Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance (APJRI)
Journal of Risk and Insurance (JRI)
Risk Management and Insurance Review
Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review 

Prizes and Research Grants by the Organizing Societies

The Geneva Association (Ernst Meyer Prize and research grants)
ARIA (several awards for members and journal authors)
APRIA (best paper awards for its annual conference)

Useful Links in Risk and Insurance

Links for Risk Management and Insurance Professors and Students by ARIA
Job Placement Service for Professors and Researchers
Academic Institutions in Asia Pacific
(mirror here) by APRIA
Insurance Sites around the World
(mirror here) by APRIA
Insurance Regulators and Supervisors around the World

Useful Links
by The Geneva Association
Risk Theory Society (US; meets in April with the paper deadline in December the previous year) 
Longevity Risk and Capital Market Solutions Symposium
(Global; meets in Summer-Autumn) 
International Insurance Society (Global; meets in June with the paper deadline in February the same year)
Western Risk and Insurance Association and Journal of Insurance Issues (US; meets in January) 
Southern Risk and Insurance Association (US; meets in late Autumn and around Thanksgiving) 
German Insurance Science Association (Germany; meets in Spring with the paper deadline in October the previous year) 
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 
Journal of Insurance Regulation (US; published by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners) 
Bowles Symposia at Atlanta, US
Journal of Insurance Studies
(Korea; published by Korean Risk and Insurance Society)



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