World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress
2015 w Europe
Call for Papers (TBA)



The organizers invite submission of proposals to present theoretical or applied research dealing with issues in risk management, insurance, and actuarial science.

February 2015 -- Proposal Submission Deadline   
April 2015 -- Acceptance Notification by Scientific Committees
June 2015 -- Full Paper Submission Deadline
See Below for Deadlines for Junior Scholarship and Other Award Application Deadlines (See also "Related Links")

The Proposal. It must be submitted only to a single regional committee of the author’s choice, preferably the one with which the author has the greatest affinity. Multiple submission of the same paper is not permitted. The proposal must be in English. Each proposal should be in two separate files: (1) one containing the author and full contact information plus paper title and abstract only; and (2) the other containing no author information but with the paper title and a detailed proposal (i.e., the purpose and importance of the research, methodology and data, expected results, and references). A full paper in lieu of proposal is encouraged. The Scientific Committees will review all submissions using a double-blind approach or equivalent. The committees' decision is final. Selected authors must submit electronically their full papers by TBA 2015.

 Thank you for the great response.

Awards for Junior Scholars from Developing Economies

Following APRIA tradition, we plan to provide limited financial aid to selected junior authors from developing economies whose papers are selected for the program. Platinum and gold sponsors of the Second World Congress have made available these awards. The number and amount of awards will depend on the funds available and the countries the corporate sponsors may designate.
Those who are eligible for consideration will be
within three years from having received a doctoral degree or currently a doctoral degree candidate, are from a developing economy, and receive no financial support from their universities, government or other entities for the attendance of the Second World Congress. The award assists the recipients with meeting the conference registration fee (excluding the membership fee to their respective association) and the payment for their accommodation expenses on a two-person-sharing basis for five nights at a reasonably priced hotel near the conference venue. The award does not cover travel and other expenses. 
The applicant for the aid must indicate his/her desire to apply for the aid and e-mail the respective Scientific Committee Chair: (1) a full paper or a detailed proposal meeting the above proposal submission requirements and (2) curricular vitae,
TBA 2015 (the proposal deadline). Successful applicants will be notified of results on or about TBA 2015.

Other Paper Awards (Tentative)

Harold Skipper Best Paper Award for Global Insurance (APRIA). The APRIA Scientific Committee selects the winner of this best paper award based on the full papers submitted by TBA 2015. Award winner(s) will be announced at the conference. 
Hagen Family Foundation Award (ARIA)The ARIA Scientific Committee offers this award (US$1,500) to the author who otherwise would not be able to attend the World Congress. Click here [to be available] for more information.(closed)
SCOR-EGRIE Young Economist Best Paper Award (EGRIE)
SCOR, the Institut d’Economie Industrielle (IDEI), and the University of Paris-Dauphine have created the award (2,000) for the best paper presented by a young economist at the World Congress and submitted via the EGRIE Scientific Committee. Click here for more information.
AXA-EGRIE PrizesThe AXA "Large Risks in Insurance Chair," in partnership with the EGRIE, will award two AXA-EGRIE Prizes at the World Congress. The prizes, open to young scholars, will take the form of €3,500 that could cover the World Congress registration fee and travel and housing expenses of the laureates. Click here for the call for papers.

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